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Artifacts at Rajasthan Emporium | Bangalore

What you see - Rajasthani katputlis (puppets), handicraft items, painted artifacts, antique home decor pieces and more welcome you grandly to Rajasthan Emporium & Handicrafts in the Public Utility Building (PUB) on MG Road, Bangalore.

Rajasthani puppetsWhat you get - Puppetry is one of the most ancient forms of entertainment in the state of Rajasthan, and Rajasthan Emporium has a wide range of puppets (katputlis), dressed vibrantly in colorful Rajasthani attires. Use them for decorating your home or even organizing a puppet show for children. The emporium also organizes puppet shows for visitors and if you are lucky you might just get to watch one at your visit here.

Rajasthan Emporium & Handicrafts assorts home decor items, accessories, women’s clothes and antique furniture like chairs and beds that are typical of Rajasthan. There are silver jewelry, sarees, dupattas, artifacts, handicraft products, pottery collection and many gift items. Also check out the antique pieces, statues, paintings, murals, metal ware (mainly antique style statues), sandalwood products, carpets, Rajasthan wood crafts and the like. Murals and Rajasthani paintings at Rajasthan Emporium reflect the art of the medieval period with scenes of court, palaces, forts, processions and the like. Rajsthan’s miniature paintings on handmade paper are also available. There are also paintings on silk and murals on marble. These are priced between Rs. 50 and Rs. 5,000.

We also spotted a unique collection of Rajasthan’s blue pottery at Rajasthan Emporium. Blue pottery is an art of Rajasthan in which floral patterns, animal figures and the like are painted in peculiar blue and green colors on white base. Traditionally, the designs are hand painted onto the pots. Rajasthan Emporium stocks pots, vases, tiles, soap dishes, plates, mugs, etc. in its blue pottery range. The blue pottery plates and mugs are a must have to bring a traditional and rustic touch to your interiors. These are available for Rs. 25 onwards.

Rajasthan Emporium also stocks traditional Rajasthani garments. These include traditional lehariya print sarees (Rs. 400 onwards), bandhini dupattas, bandhini skirts and so on. Accessories for women include traditional Rajsthani Meenakari and Kundan jewelry. These are a must buy as they are difficult to find elsewhere in Bangalore. A wide range of precious and semi-precious stones jewelry are also available. Besides, they stock home accessories like quilts, bed covers and wall hangings available from Rs. 250 onwards.

Our verdict – Rajasthan Emporium & Handicrafts store truly meets the requirement of finding authentic Rajasthani art products in Bangalore. You can even get pure, Rajasthani mehendi (henna) here. It is of good quality. A puppet show here is also worth a watch. Jewelry boxes and marble statuettes of deities like Ganesha or Krishna from here would make for ideal gift items. In terms of service, attendants are very warm and more comfortable in communicating in Hindi. Parking space is available in the Public Utility Building's parking lot.

Anytime between - 10 PM - 9 PM

By Sanskrity Sinha

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