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Big Bazaar - Koramangala

  • Category:Accessories, Kids' Shopping, Music and Movies, Malls and Super Markets, Electronics and Appliances, Home Decor, Furniture, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Entertainment, Shopping
  • Type: supermarkets
  • Phone: 080-66288800
  • Address: # 22, Salarpuria Towers, Hosur Road,
    Bangalore - 560095.
  • LandMark: Near Forum Mall

Big Bazaar claims to offer over 1,70,000 products under one roof. These include clothes, home furnishings, crockery, books, computer accessories, groceries and the like.

User Reviews
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Average Rating 3.80 
Sudheendra's Review on 23-04-2010
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Big Bazaar,Koramangala

This is the first Big bazaar which opened in Bangalore. I remember people used to stand in Q's to enter into this shop. As they say Sabse sastha u get everything here for a good reasonable price.

Akshata's Review on 20-07-2008
2.00  2.00 star: Customer rating of Big Bazaar,Koramangala

FoodBazaar provides wide choice (more than 30 varieties of cheese alone!) and fresh products. Imported brands like Leh, HappyCow dairy products and Lindt chocolate are available here, with many products carrying offers. Home needs and apparel store just average on variety and quality, being undermanned and hence lacking maintenance..One can see clothes, shoes strewn around randomly. On weekdays and holidays, BigBazaar is cramped beyond recognition.

Venkata's Review on 02-04-2008
3.00  3.00 star: Customer rating of Big Bazaar,Koramangala

A good place to get best deals on all things from adily grocessery to electronics, you will get every thing here. Deals will change from time to time. Just forget to shop on sunday's coz it will be over crouded on sundays... Hey on all thursday ull get some spl deal's....

Latha's Review on 31-01-2008
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Big Bazaar,Koramangala

Had been to the place. It has got varieties as they claim but the parking space is cramped, not displayed properly. The discounts they claim also are not known.In the weekends it is cramped and very very messy. Not able to choose things in aright way. Those who do not mind can go in for very good discounts, but do not go for cloth materials. It has got all these and more under one roof. That is the best part.

C. Rajameenakshi's Review on 29-01-2008
5.00  5.00 star: Customer rating of Big Bazaar,Koramangala

This is a mega mall that will stores all those items needed for the entire house. Right from electronics to daily cooking. As lots of offers are going on constantly one will never find the rates too very reasonable.