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Leela Galleria - Airport Road

Leela Galleria - Bangalore.
  • Category:Malls and Super Markets, Shopping
  • Type: shopping malls
  • Phone: 080-30571234
  • Address: # 23, The Leela Palace,
    Airport Road,
    Bangalore - 560008.
  • LandMark: At The Leela

Leela Galleria at The Leela Palace Hotel isn't your average window-shopping mall. It has luxury stores for jewelry, perfume, bags, designer wear, shoes and silver collectibles. It even has a coffee shop, book store, florist and a salon.

Editorial Review

If Bangalore is a city of malls, then Leela Galleria is the queen of those malls, given the luxury stores that line its three floors. This isn’t your average window-shopping mall. It’s a place you’d go and splurge if you are feeling like a queen...

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Average Rating 3.50 
Sudheendra's Review on 16-04-2010
4.00  4.00 star: Customer rating of Leela Galleria,Airport Road

Excellent quality and you get all items here.

Vijendra's Review on 07-04-2010
3.00  3.00 star: Customer rating of Leela Galleria,Airport Road

As a star hotel, definitely all the items here comes with a star price. But definitely with good quality. You get everything here which includes jewellary, cloths, shoes, craft items etc etc. Also, you won't find any kind of crowd here hence you can peacefully select whatever you need. Even though restaurant is a star rated one, you can find much taste in the food compared to other lower level star hotels in Bangalore.