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Mekedatu, a waterfall in the gorge | Bangalore

Mekedatu Waterfall What you see – A cascading waterfall, gushing through a narrow gorge and flowing through a ravine of granite rocks is what makes Mekedatu at Sangama one of the most popular waterfalls in Karnataka. Located at a distance of 92 kilometers from Bangalore, Mekedatu is a popular picnic spot. Incidentally, this waterfall originating from River Cauvery does not fall from a height unlike the usual waterfalls. So when MetroMela visited the spot, we were captivated to see the flow of the river amidst rocks.

Mekedatu means goat's leap in Kannada and it is said that the channel through which the river Cauvery flows here is so narrow that even a goat can leap across. That's why the name. Of course, it’s a myth and one should not try leaping over it.

What you get – On Kanakapura Road, there are ample Gulmohar trees on the roadside welcoming you towards Sangama in their full bloom. Sangama is actually the place of confluence of river Cauvery and Arkavati. Mekedatu is at about 4 kilometers from Sangama. This place usually has shallow water most of the year but runs full in monsoon. So, it’s advised to visit the place in rainy season.

River Kaveri flows through narrow gorge at MekedatuYou can cross the wide river by walking where the water is shallow or in a boat where it isn't. You can walk 3.5 kilometers downstream though there is an option to board a bus to reach Mekedatu. The ticket charge for bus is Rs. 20 per person. The road is in a bad shape and you will have to hold on to your seats tightly. The river Cauvery flows parallel to the road.

Once you get down from the bus, another adventure begins. Here you have to walk down through a rocky path to get a glimpse of the gorge. It’s a deep, narrow channel where river Cauvery gushes out forcefully. You get to view the river from a cliff too. But the rocks are slippery here and you should be careful. Also, you should avoid swimming, for the flow of the river is quite fast. The rocks otherwise have been carved beautifully with the water that flows through it. Pits formed in rocks by river water at Mekedatu

Our verdict – Mekedatu is a must visit if you want to see one of the many facets of the mighty Cauvery. To reach Mekedatu, drive on Kanakapura Road from Bangalore for about 88 kilometers. Take a deviation towards left to reach Sangama following sign boards.  Once at Sangama, you can either board a bus that runs between Mekedatu and Sangama or you can walk along the riverbank.

It takes 2 hours to drive from Bangalore to Mekedatu, so it would be wise to carry food items as there is hardly any hotel or restaurant on the way. Food and water is available only in a restaurant at Sangama. There is no facility for night halt, so make it a day trip. But if you yearn for a weekend stay, Mekedatu makes for a wonderful choice for camping and trekking. Do watch out for crocodiles present in specific areas at Sangama. So don't tread too far all by yourself.

By Sanskrity Sinha
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Reshmi's Review on 28-05-2009

Good find. Esp for newcomers to Bangalore

Chidambaran's Review on 26-05-2009

There ain't no crocodile in the Sangama. They are upstream about 2 km. I swam about 100 upstream and they didn't quite get me. Also the locals say that the crocodiles generally avoid the humans. But the Sangam is good , nice flow of water, and instead of taking the bus if u walk down to the gorge, you can hit the banks periodically and have fun on parts of the rocky river. We had been there in 1994 and went down to the river and discovered a small enclave where we swam for about 4 hours. We climbed down the rocky face then, but more recently with a 2 year old I discovered that is not so easy a thing to do.

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