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Nature and Yoga cure at Jindal | Bangalore

What you see - Jindal Nature Cure Institute is known to be among the best institutes of naturopathy and has people coming in from across the world.  It was built on 120 acres of land on Tumkur Road, Bangalore by industrialist Suresh Jindal, a naturopath.
The institute has natural scenic beauty with lush green pathways, fountains, a natural lake, fields, exotic chirping birds and landscaped gardens. 

What you get – Jindal Institute has combined the benefits of yoga and naturopathy to help you with ailments like hyperacidity, obesity, spondylitis, arthritis, migraines, respiratory problems etc. A strict vegetarian diet is offered here. Admission is based only on the basis of a medical problem. So it’s unlike a spa where you can step in for detoxification. The treatment could vary between 10 and 40 days. Once you are here you are confined to the institute and its rules and regulations.

A typical day at Jindal starts at 5 AM where you wake up to the sound of soothing bhajans. You are expected to go for a brisk walk and then attend the yogic kriya sessions for respiratory disorders and hyperacidity between 5.50 AM and 6.50 AM. This is followed by a laughter session near the amphitheatre at the lake, followed by an open yoga session in Hindi and English.

You can meet the naturopathy doctor from 8AM – 12 PM and 2 PM – 6 PM. The yoga doctor is available from 10 AM – 12 PM and 3 PM – 6 PM.

Other activities that you can choose from include swimming and aquatic exercises, aerobic exercise, badminton and meditation. There is even a slot for eye care essentially for those who work in front of the computer for long hours. You can also find a foot reflexology section apart from a fun-loaded Sky cycle here. Basically all activities are focused towards physical and mental well-being.

The most important aspect of the treatment here is the diet. Juices, soups, fruits and special recipes prepared from crops grown at their organic farms are offered here. You may even be put on a fast to cleanse your system of the toxins.

Specific treatments include colon hydrotherapy, oil massages, underwater massages, vibro massages (of powder), steam, saunas, salt glow massage, hot stone massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy. Modern scientific equipments and treatment aids are used to provide diagnosis as well. For health maintenance they also have lectures on diet.

The rooms here are free wards, economy rooms in single and double occupancy, executive rooms, cottages, huts, deluxe huts and nests which are suites. A modest single room can cost Rs. 500 a day with a TV and attached bathroom. Beautifully decorated, the deluxe huts and nests have elegant interiors with nature as the theme. They have all the facilities ranging from spa, Plasma TV, Jacuzzi to private lawn, servant room etc. This can cost about Rs. 26,000 per day for four people.

Our verdict – Jindal Nature Cure is strict about its rules and regulations. So do pay attention to what’s expected of you. But otherwise it’s a melting pot of Indian and international cultures so your stay here does not get that boring. They also have entertainment in the form of movies, recreation center etc. Treatment is known to be effective and the problems are treated naturally. The doctor suggests inculcating the same lifestyle in your regular routines for a healthier future. The staff is friendly and well experienced. Bookings can be done via internet at by credit card or demand draft.

Anytime between - 9 AM – 6 PM

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