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Trendy salons in Bangalore | Bangalore

A few hours of pampering at the salon can work wonders for any woman or man - whether you are an overworked executive or a busy, busy parent. There are many trendy and modern salons in Bangalore that offer everything from nail art to deep tissue massage. Here are some of the better ones:
Body Craft at Indiranagar, Bangalore introduced one of the first nail bars in the city. The salon offers regular stuff like waxing and threading, as well as massages. Thai massages and oil massages start at Rs. 1,450 onwards and last for 45 minutes with an extra 15 minutes of steam and shower thrown in. Their outlet called Nail Bar at Forum Mall is an exclusive nail bar. You can get pampering services for your talons here like nail art, nail piercing, hand polishing and paraffin wax treatments, nail tattoos and manicures. The best of the lot are nail extensions, which can be heavenly for those with a habit of biting their nails. Grow your nails a little and visit the Nail Bar and they can get you a natural extension (length and shape as you desire) for Rs. 2,000 and if possible, a trendy French tip for Rs. 1,900.
Peaches (for women only) in Ulsoor, is another much-loved salon, which has revamped itself in the last year. Owner Prarthna Pradutt is known to be a great stylist and a hair appointment with her would probably be worth the wait in Bangalore. They also have exotic treatments like Dead Sea mineral and chocolate body wraps. These cost Rs. 1,000 plus taxes. They also offer Body Butter Massage and an Aroma Therapy massage. You could even get the Hot Stone Massage done here. This comes with a complimentary oil massage and costs Rs. 2,800 for a blissful one and half hours.
For haircuts, some of the hottest names are Spratt, Talking Headz and Bounce. Spratt is on Magrath Road, Bangalore and has a hair technician who could guide you on mane matters. Hair re-bonding here starts at Rs. 6,000 onwards but you could get haircuts here by senior stylists starting at Rs. 550, which isn’t bad. They used to have a nail bar but not anymore, though you can get facials and massages done here.
Bounce on Lavelle Road, Bangalore is one of the coolest parlors in town when it comes to the décor! It’s all white with individual workstations and very cool stylists in funky haircuts walking around. Depending on how much you are willing to shell out, you can choose the hair stylist you want. Mane makeovers with a junior stylist will cost Rs. 650, while the senior stylist and style director’s services come for Rs. 850 and Rs. 1100 respectively. Don’t forget a foot reflexology while you are here. That costs Rs. 700 and lasts for 45 minutes.
Talking Headz on Brigade Road in Bangalore offers some great deals and has some experienced scissor happy souls for haircuts. They offer you some free hairstreaks if you opt for coloring and manicures free with facials. The deals keep changing but are usually good so do check before you go. One must have treatment here is a revitalizing treatment to minimize dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes!
Other salons that are worth a try:
  • Mirrors and Within at Leela Galleria for ultra-luxe interiors and great oil treatments for hair
  • Cut & Colour on Wood Street
  • Pedicure Clinic in Woodlands Hotel for the best pedicures in Bangalore. That’s the only thing on the menu and the waiting list can be a month long.
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Abha's Review on 06-11-2008

considering i am in a dire need of a style change and didnt know where to look, this review comes just the right time! somehow i have always stayed away from more trendy places. maybe now is the time to try! :) cheers! abha

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